Une nouvelle santé est en marche.

A5 conçoit le storytelling du groupe OCP. 


Bringing together all the stakeholders to build a sustainable health model.

In close collaboration with the marketing and technical teams, A5 designed a brand platform by focusing on the idea of healthcare for everyone. The Workshop placed each player, and in particular pharmacies, in a positive perspective: building for the future. The highlight is baseline that is all about connecting: “A new healthcare is on the move with you and for you.”

What we delivered

— Strategic planning
— Defining the new brand territory
— Creating the Group’s Language Book and its brands portfolio
— Naming
— Creating the baselines for the Group + brands portfolio
— Writing and directing mood films
— Copywriting the corporate campaign
— Copywriting the commercial campaigns
— Writing the press kit



Generous, innovative and unifying communication centred around a player that is committed to proximity and innovation.


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